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RE: BootP problems with Netra T1 (ARP/RARP)


I have had the following tipo-off (thanks very much):

"Thats a simple problem. Openboot looks for a specific file, its a hash
of the mac address or something. I never learned how to predict it, so I
just look at what file the machine requests from the TFTP server. It
should be in the TFTP logs."

So, what I did was simple. I went to
"http://www.ccie.org.uk/resources/hexconv.php"; and entered the Netra's IP
Address and got my hex number. I then took off the first two digits and
there I had it, my file name. So, thankyou all very much for you e-mails,
and thanks Leith for your time and help :) Very much appreciated !

Thanks and Best Regards !!!


P.S. : Just to share, here are my links for you all to solve this issue some
time in the future for another newbie.

Debian GNU/Linux 3.0.23 TFTP Boot Image

Devin's how to install Debian on a Netra T1

Cabletron TFTP/BootP Server

Lew Perin's RARP Server

Hex-Decimal-Binary-IP_Addr Converter

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