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Re: libc-sparc64 problem

On Thu, Feb 26, 2004 at 01:48:47AM -0700, Bryan Schmidt wrote:
> I have been trying to upgrade for quite sometime and I keep getting this 
> nagging problem.  Anyone seen this before?  This is on a Sun Ultra2
> SMP box.  I am not that comfortable with the apt system.   I am very 
> interested in Debian Linux though because somone still bothers to port 
> thier OS to Suns.  Sun Microsystems supposedly embraces Linux but does 
> not port it to there "own" hardware.  I am quite pleased with how my old 
> Sun runs but I am not happy with being a couple revs back.  Thanks all

Just remove the old libc6-dev-sparc64, and then upgrade everthing, and
then install it again.

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