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Re: 2.6.3 kernel will not boot - cannot mount root dev

On Wed, Feb 25, 2004 at 12:51:21PM -0800, lhack wrote:
> I finally got a 2.6.3 kernel to compile.  When I boot the machine, it
> fails to mount the root device - leaving the message 'VFS: Unable to
> mount ...'
> The confusing part is that when the 2.4.18 kernel boots, it
> successfully mounts this same disk.  The 2.6.3 kernel seems to
> reference the proper disk - /dev/hda1 in this case.

Probably missing the proper drivers for your system. Check to make sure
you see messages about your IDE controller, and the disks being
detected. If that shows up fine, check to make sure you have ext2/ext3
enabled in the kernel.

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