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Sparc d-i status

May as well post one of these, too. =)

Nightly builds are happening so sparc32-tftp, sparc64-tftp, and
miniiso.  These don't generally work, though.  

#232720 is our major blocker for tftpbooting, there's a patch in the BTS
that the maintainer is reviewing (Thanks James!)

That bug will also affect us for CD booting, but right now I'm working
with Ben Collins to figure out why the kernel's not loading the initrd.

I also remember (was it Thomas?  Blars? hmmm...) mentioning that the
fdisk udeb wasn't getting loaded for some reason.  I'm hoping that the
whole partman thing will make this silently go away before we get there.

Other TODOs:
 - Once we have CD Booting working, start producing snapshots for Manty
to builds CDs from.
 - Switch from piggyback to tilo.  tilo currently doesn't like our
kernels, though.  (This isn't necessary, just a nice to have)

Jeff Bailey

I never know what to expect when you respond to my postings. No insult
intended, you are merely a surprise :)
 - Carlos O'Donnell

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