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Re: Issues installing on a SPARCServer 1000E

> > > 3. Get a team of people together and get Linux support in later versions
> > > for them.  Last time this was mentioned quite a few people here said
> > > they would be happy to help but no-one had the time to /start/ the
> > > project.  It would give Linux one up on NetBSD though... :-)
> How much real interest is there in this?
Interest - lots.  Action - not much.  There are lots of people who would
love to see this sort of thing up and running but don't have the time
and / or kernel level knowledge to get it going.

> Worth setting up a mailing list?
> I'm not a developer so can't help in a practical way, but I'm happy to offer 
> resources such as a list, wiki or whatever. Plus I'd be happy to put one of 
> these machines on the net for people to work on remotely if that's helpful 
> (running Solaris).
TBH I'd wait that until there is some code being written otherwise you
risk joining the ranks of so many well intentioned OS projects that have
great websites but are a little short on code.

> It'd be a shame for Sun4d to continue being unsupported.
I agree entirely.  I'd love to take on the task but right now I have a
degree to finish.  Maybe next year I'll find some time to look at it.

This is all ofcourse - just my opinion and if there is anyone who feels
they want the challenge it sounds like you've got lots of potential

Sweet Dreams,
 - Martin
"Seasons change, things come to pass"

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