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Re: Issues installing on a SPARCServer 1000E

On Thu, Jan 08, 2004 at 03:40:19PM +0000, Martin wrote:
> You might want to check the list archives as this has come up several
> times before and was covered in more detail.  The SPARCServer 1000(E)
> and 2000(E) are a slightly different architecture (sun4d IIRC based on
> sun4m) and have some clever stuff that connects the CPUs together.  Back
> in kernel 2.2 there was some support for these machines but not SMP
> (althought someone here said they knew of someone who had started work
> on it) but it was dropped due to lack of support in >= 2.4.  This is the
> closest any free *NIX has got to supporting them.

Actually SMP was mostly working in 2.2 for sun4d, but it wasn't stable. No
real issues with UP on a sparccenter 2000. 

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