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Issues installing on a SPARCServer 1000E

I'm trying to load the latest woody stable release on a Sun Microsystems
SPARCserver 1000E which Debian supposedly supports. Information on the

CPU: Two SuperSPARCs at 60 Mhz
RAM: 512 megabytes
Video: TurboGX
Ethernet: Standard built in 10 baseT

probe-scsi at OpenBoot reports:

ok probe-scsi
Target 0
Unit 0 Disk SEAGATE ST32430N 059400698228Copyright (c) 1995 Seagate All
rights reserved
Target 5
Unit 0 Removable Tape EXABYTE EXB-8505SMBANSH206U0 06
Target 6
Unit 0 Removable Read Only device SONY CDU 561 SUNMSCD1.9k

Which does correspond to the hardware I currently have in this machine. I
type in boot cdrom and it is able to boot from the Debian CD. But it doesn't
go far, when I hit enter at the silo prompt this is what I get:

Uncompressing image...
Data Access Exception

And it then immediately drops me to the ok prompt. Does anybody have any
ideas as to what's wrong as I'm stumped. I really don't want to go with
Solaris (whichever version supports this machine as Solaris 9 does not) and
I've already tried FreeBSD, OpenBSD and NetBSD with zero luck.

Your help is appreciated.

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