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Re: Hello

On Tue, 14 Oct 2003 03:41:03 EDT, Mauricio writes:
>	You should not have said, since now I am going to ask you if 
>you know who could help me finding out why I cannot put debian in my 
>SS1+ ;)

As I think I've already stated recently, it _is_ perfectly possible to 
 get Debian Woody to run on an SS1/+. I've got one playing DNS- and 

But as for me that involved installing Debian 2.0 and doing the painful 
 upgrade through each release until Woody, it may be neither for the 
 impatient nor the faint of heart.

It may also just not be worth the hassle, as BenC has announced that 
 sun4c won't be supported for much longer.

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