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Re: known working build environment for building 2.6.0 sparc64?


Still no luck.
I have upgraded both my build and run environment to latest sid,
compiled a kernel, and it gives the same error message and Oops
when I try to modprobe any module. I have tried it with iptables_filter
and des.

I suppose Dave is right, and that latest sid should be okay. I can think
of hardware then. Right now I am running memtest from memtester, and
looking for some disk tester utility. Any hints?

My only problem is that since upgrading from sarge to sid there was no
problem with kernel compiles which would make me suspect that the
hardware is also okay. I will set up another test system on another
netra just in case, but I can bet on the result.

This leads to the conclusion that there is no problem at all, and the
modules just load without problem;(

2003-10-04, szo keltezéssel Antonello ezt írta:
> On Friday 03 October 2003 22:44, Ben Collins wrote:
> > > It seems that there are some problems with my build environment.
> > > What is the known working build environment to compile a 2.6.0 sparc64
> > > kernel?
> > Using the latest gcc-3.3 in unstable.
> Confirmed, it builds.
> I have not installed it though, but compilation seems to run correctly.
> Remember to use sparc32 to issue the "make xconfig" (or make qconfig, or make 
> menuconfig), otherwise you'll have to configure by hand.
> example:
> # sparc32 make ARCH=sparc64 menuconfig
> Bye,
> Antonello
> -- 
> Antonello Iunco <etn at libero dot it> - Natural Born Betatester
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