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RE: [gentoo-sparc] more info re hypersparc smp w/ 2.4.23-pre5

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> From: Kumba
> Heitzso wrote:
> > now, with framebuffer and console turned off, ...
> >
> > boot went much, much further, but not to completion
> >
> 2.4 for me seems to be a game of Russian Roulette.  Best grab your self
> a bag of chips and get used to flipping the power on the SS20.
> Eventually it will boot.  The question is "when".  My ss20 has a dual
> Ross 125MHz module (512kb cache I think), running 2.4.22-rc3.  I had to
> add in the asm clobber patch, and the context table alignment patch
> Keith mentioned.  Built with GCC-3.3.1, and most config options as
> modules and such, it took about 21 reboots before I got the kernel to
> load completely and boot into userland.
> That was a month ago.  I've refused to cut the thing off since until
> 2.4.23 (and that's a maybe) just to see how long it'll last.  The boot
> process threw Level 15 interrupts, watchdog resets, and init hangs at
> me.  Out of 21 reboots, 3 loaded the kernel to Init.  Out of those 3,
> only one (the last) booted to userland.  So all in all, it is really a
> guessing game.
> The machine runes headless too.  Serial console works flawlessly, sshd
> runs fine.  Aside from getting it to boot, it is rather a functional
> little machine, if a tad on the slow side.

I have a sparc 20, 2x 150 MHz HperSparcs, and 2.4.21-SMP, vanilla, no patch,
ext3 all over.

My machine always boots up to INIT, then, it may hang...

If it starts the INIT correctly, it's good to go for months...

The more I look at it, the more I believe it is an issue with a flacky INIT,
not liking an SMP kernel thing. But I'm not much of a coder, so I may be
very wrong.

Then again, this is the first I hear of the kernel hanging midway into its


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