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grub (somewhat off topic)

Hi All.

This could be an issue for Debian Sparc if any desktop (cheapo) SATA RAID
controllers work in Debian Sparc . . . 

I have an i386 machine which can dual boot XP and Debian fine (using
grub) when only one drive is booting off the Silicon Image SATA controller.
If I make a RAID1 set (i.e. copy the install to a second drive using the 
SATA raid BIOS utility) and try to boot, grub gets confused and can't load
either OS. Grub dumps me into its shell when it enters its second stage.
If I break the mirror set, (again, using the controller's own util) booting 
to either OS again becomes possible. Is there an easy fix? I know I need 
to research it and get a clue about grub but I have several other fish to 
fry this weekend.

Matthew Herzog

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