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Performance on Sparc Ultra 10


after compiling a 2.4.21 without module support and left out any unused stuff
I was able to increase disk performance of my Ultra 10 (256 MB Ram, 333 MHz):

  Install-Kernel (woody):


(For those unfamiliar with bonnie: The numbers greater than 100 are KByte/sec
 and should be greater for better performance, the number < 100 followed by each
 those numbers are percentage of CPU used and should be smaller.)

While this is a good result I wonder how I can tune the system further because
it is slower than I expected.  I wonder if hdparm might help on those IDE-Systems.
So I tested

# hdparm /dev/hda

 multcount    = 16 (on)
 I/O support  =  0 (default 16-bit)
 unmaskirq    =  0 (off)
 using_dma    =  1 (on)
 keepsettings =  0 (off)
 nowerr       =  0 (off)
 readonly     =  0 (off)
 readahead    =  8 (on)
 geometry     = 17662/16/63, sectors = 17803440, start = 0
 HDIO_GET_BUSSTATE failed: Invalid argument

While I do not know what the last line means I wonder why
      I/O support  =  0 (default 16-bit)

On my Intel-Boxes this is

      IO_support   =  1 (32-bit)

Any hint whether I could change this setting without a problem (the box is
now 200km far from my home and no expert near the box) and what other
possibilities I would have.

Kind regards


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