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Re: Software RAID on UltraLinux 2.4.18/19 needs patch, or use 2.4.20+

Philip L. McMahon said:
> Nate,
> I experienced a similar problem on my Ultra 30 a while back. As I
> recall, I would get a similar oops when I tried to write to the drives,
> even though they would mount successfully. Kernel version 2.4.20 (and

thanks a lot for this info! Haven't had a chance to respond to this yet
but last thursday night I re-installed again with the new kernel patched
for both raid and happymeal, running raid with /usr and /var with no
problems since, and I've done a lot of disk thrashing. I also noticed
this ultra 1 has a seperate sbus happymeal card so I am using that instead
of the onboard, not sure if that fixed my ethernet problem or if the
patch did but in any case no more problems :))

firebird compiled fine too, had to turn off the xft stuff since I don't
think it's available in woody and had to recompile libid0(?) from testing
to get it built but it runs good too.


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