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Re: Got 2.4.20 to compile/run, but get NULL pointer dereference under load.

On Fri, Jun 06, 2003 at 08:02:08AM -0500, Greg Moeller wrote:
> With a combo of egcs64 and gcc 2.95 I managed to get a kernel compiled which 
> had all the hardware/drivers I needed. (differential SCSI, SMP, RAID)
> With some simple testing on a pair of RAID0 drives (in a D1000) using cp -a

a) Use 2.4.21-rc7

b) What do you mean "combo of egcs64 and gcc 2.95". I'm hoping you only
   used egcs64 for the actual kernel compile.

c) Run this oops through ksymoops so it has some meaning.

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