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Re: running X w/serial console (XDCMP)

On Thu, 2003-06-05 at 18:52, nate wrote:
> nate said:
> > I was wanting to run gdm w/XDCMP on my ultra 1 which has a serial
> > console, I can get the GDM login screen but cannot get past that,
> I guess it's impossible to run gdm w/o a local X server. 

Erm, my headless server runs gdm just fine. Not surprisingly X does not
start (no keyboard), but I can connect over the network without any

However, you will need to edit /etc/gdm/gdm.conf and do teh following:
1. set [xdcmp]:Enable to true
2. comment out all the lines under [servers]

AFAIK that is all I had to do to get GDM running.


- Matthew

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