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if you are in iowa, you can have a nice large machine

Hi i won this machine, 


it weights more than i can deal with, and i am 270 miles away, the sun weighs 
500 lbs. alot more than i thought. the other box weighs 750 lbs. it's bigger 
than it looks.  So if you would like to give the box a good home. The box was 
working a fews back when he last used, when powered on this time it wouldn't 
boot and didn't have time to investigate. 

the interior rack is 19" so it would be a cool place to mount your rack mount 
hardware even if you don't use the 690mp, last i heard it is supported by 

So email me if your interested and i will give you the sellers email address. 

James Dickens
Miwaukee, WI 

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