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Lite-On CD-RWs vs. Ultra 5s

And the loser appears to be -- anyone trying this combination. I installed a Lite-On 52x24x52x burner in my Ultra 5. It works fine as a CD-ROM in both IDE and SCSI emulation modes, but it causes total system lockups every time I attempt to burn with it. The last line of output from cdrecord is "ide-scsi: The scsi wants to send us more data than expected - discarding data." There was a short thread back in January where Dustin Lundquist had the same problem with two different models of Lite-On CD-RWs in his U5. However, Jacob Helwig mentioned that he had a successfully running Lite-On 52x24x52x in his U10. Since U5s and U10s are essentially the same machine (same system board, at least), I'm not sure why this drive would work in one but not the other.

I gave up on the Lite-On and installed my older HP 9100 8x4x32x CD-RW. I had already set up SCSI emulation, and the HP worked fine with no additional set-up. That rules out any of the typical SCSI emulation/CD-Writing-HOWTO issues. It appears that there is some conflict between cdrecord on an Ultra 5 and Lite-On drives. Any ideas what this could be, or why a U10 wouldn't have a problem but a U5 does? Could it be a firmware issue with the CD-RW?

Additional info: I'm running Debian 3.0r1 stable with a custom 2.4.20 kernel, and cdrecord-1.10. All of the scsi/ide cd drivers are modules, with the appropriate ignore=hdc option in /etc/modules.conf. My U5 is 2000-vintage, 400MHz w/ latest OBP and the 375-0115 system board. The CD-RW is an LTR-52246S.

Thanks for any help-

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