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GCC changes (was Re: How to get a working kernel? (2.4))

On Wed, Jun 04, 2003 at 01:04:53PM -0400, satadru@umich.edu wrote:
> If you uninstall gcc-3.3, the kernel compile will automatically use 
> sparc64-linux-gcc.
> (as long as you set the ARCH properly to sun4u, for instance).

And then you also lose libc6-dev, and lots of other stuff. Much easier
to either set CC=sparc64-linux-gcc in the make line:

make CC=sparc64-linux-gcc vmlinux modules

Or, in the case of make-kpkg, edit arch/sparc64/Makefile

FYI, New default for gcc will be gcc-3.2 with today's upload of
gcc-defaults. Tonight I will be uploading a 64-bit capable gcc-3.2
package, which will complete the toolchain for 64-bit. /usr/bin/gcc will
then be able to compile working kernels and working 64-bit userspace.

After which I will obsolete and remove egcs64.

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