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Re: Understanding the porting process

First thank you for all who wrote some answers on my question(s)!

But there are some misunderstandings here.

Ben Collins wrote:
>It's because you are asking a FAQ that is better answered by a search on
>google and not by expecting someone to write a 5 page essay for you.

This is OK! Then give me please an URL that links me to such an essay. I want to support the Debian Porters on taking some software and compile it to the Sparc platform and package it
to deb's. I want to use my "new" hadware to let it compile day and night to get the newest software for the Debian packaging and for some debugging an so on...
For this I have to understand how to compile, how to package (because there is not only the issue to use deb-tools but there is also some philosophy behind the Debian packages).
The point is: There is no 5 page essay to get this kind of knowledge.
I need the collected knowledge of the Debian porters here. Someone should take me by my hand and guide me through the process of porting so that I can work on my own later on.

Thomas A. Cort wrote:
>Mainly because they don't have to do with Debian. If I understand your 
>questions, you want to compile the Linux Kernel, GCC, glibc, and some 
>other stuff under solaris and end up with a working Linux system. This is 
>more of a Linux From Scratch type system http://www.linuxfromscratch.org/.

First: It has to do with Debian, because I want to support the factoring of the Debian/sparc dist.
Second: I started at LFS but there is no work around to port to Sparc AND don't forget: there is also the packaging task after compiling. 

Please correct me if I fail here, but this task of getting the software from the upstream dev's, compile it (somehow, this is what I want to now: how?) and package it and debug the package structure is the daily work of a Debian porter, isn't it?

/*I dream of an automated system that gets the newest software from the upstream developers, compile it, package it and ship (something similar to the automated Linus from scratch+ Debian packaging). And this is why I search "wisdom" here.*/

> What tools or libraries should I compile first?
>>The order doesn't matter because the binaries won't get used until you 
>>boot into linux.

Because I tried some installations of LFS(on some Intel machines) I know that there is a matter of order of compiling the software. I want to know if there is a difference between the process of LFS and the "collecting" the Debian dist.

>If you have any questions about Debian GNU/Linux send them to the list, 

So I have done it ;-)

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