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Understanding the porting process

Hello to all Woody and Sparc Fans!

I want to understand the porting process so I began with C and systems programming.
And I purchased a Sun Ultra5 with Solaris8 preinstalled.

Now I want to get the GNU tools and the Linux Kernel and compile them part for part(on the Solaris-Ultra5) so that lastly I get a Linux-Ultra5. (The reason I ask here is because I want to base my work on the source packages of Woody and after compiling package the software to deb's just to understand how this works).

My problem:
Where should I begin? What tools or libraries should I compile first?
I think the most important tools and libraries are gcc and glibc.
But what compile options should I choose to compile from a Solaris to a Linux machine?

Can someone give me some hints and tips (or a URL to a document describing this kind of work), please?

I thank you for reading my mail
I thank you for answering 

With best regards
your debian_noob

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