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Re: does not match kernel data

Thanks. I removed system.map.2.2.22 from / and see if /boot contains the
same file as my build and it looks correct (i have system.map.2.2.22 in
my /boot). uname -a reports: Linux buttercup 2.2.22 #1 Tue May 27
13:09:38 PHT 2003 sparc unknown
however, none of this worked :( if I may add, my previous kernel is
2.2.20-su4cdm and just to make it work I did the ff. before running silo

ln -s . /boot/etc
ln -s . /boot/boot
mv /etc/silo.conf /boot
ln -s /boot/silo.conf /etc/silo.conf

(your idea)

do i have to repeat the same process again?
yes, I updated my silo.conf to reflect the new kernel.

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