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Re: Why did I get no response? Was:Understanding the porting process

> Why did I get no respone on my question(s) of yesterday morning?
Mainly because they don't have to do with Debian. If I understand your 
questions, you want to compile the Linux Kernel, GCC, glibc, and some 
other stuff under solaris and end up with a working Linux system. This is 
more of a Linux From Scratch type system http://www.linuxfromscratch.org/.

This type of thing is not usually done. Most people install linux on sparc 
systems either by CDROM, floppy, tape drive(?), netboot, or some external 
media device.

If you really want to build the system from solaris here are a few 
things to get you looking in the right places.  You will need a GCC 
cross-compiler to generate sparc linux binaries. (I've never done any 
cross-compiling so I can't tell you how to do it, but you could search 
google). You will also need an extra partition to put the binaries on. 
While your at it you may want to make an extra swap partition for linux, 
or you can run mkswap on your solaris swap partition everytime it boots 
Linux. I think you may get stuck with the partitioning. When Solaris comes 
"preinstalled" it usually has no free space left to partition. You could 
re-install Solaris, but if you were re-installing why not just use Linux?

> What tools or libraries should I compile first?
The order doesn't matter because the binaries won't get used until you 
boot into linux.

> But what compile options should I choose to compile from a Solaris to 
> a Linux machine?
I've never done it, but you could try looking at the man page for gcc or 
try going to the gcc website at gcc.gnu.org.

> Can someone give me some hints and tips (or a URL to a document 
> describing this kind of work), please?
If you are into compiling Linux from sources you could look at Gentoo 
(http://www.gentoo.org). It has a CD that you can download that will walk 
you through compiling everything (though not from solaris, but from the 
CD running Linux).

In conclusion, if you want to save a lot of time and headaches you could 
just download and burn some debian isos from 
http://www.debian.org/distrib/cd and if you don't have the 
bandwidth/burner you can buy CDs. A list of vendors is at 

If you have any questions about Debian GNU/Linux send them to the list, 
but if it's not directly related to a Debian system, then  e-mail me 
directly (tcort@cs.ubishops.ca) or get your info via another source 
(usenet, irc, other mailing lists, fourms, etc).

-Thomas Cort

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