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Re: Hello, New to this listing.

Rhonda R. Wilson said:

> Is this the right spot?

im sure people here will be more then happy to help but if your
household has zero unix/linux experience it may be better to start
with a "easier to install/use" distribution first before going to
debian(which is easier to manage in the long run usually).

the only other linux distro I have tried on sparc was SuSE 7.3, and
it installed pretty flawlessly on an ultra 1 creator 3D.

though I went back to debian pretty quick :)

ISO images are available here:

unfortunately it seem's suse's user support lists are much less
helpful then debian's at least in my experience, really low
answer:question ratio(I think that's right ?).

fortunately for basic tasks, provided the system installs suse
should just "work". more advanced stuff..maybe more troublesome,
and sparc is not an officially supported distro of suse (I *think*).

if you wanna stick to debian, I'll help where I can and I'm sure
others will too but as you noticed it's really more suited to
advanced users or users that are ready & willing to get their
hands dirty with linux for the most part, speaking as a debian
user since 1998, and a linux user since 1996.

good luck in whichever you choose.


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