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Setting speed and duplexing on a sbus QFE interface on an Ultra 1


I have Debian Sarge running on a Sun Ultra 1.  I have a new switch that I
was forced to get after I had to give up my Cisco 2924 to another purpose.
Unfortunately, the interface only comes up as 100hdx on the new switch.  I'd
like to make it 100fdx, but am unsure how to do so under Debian Sparc.
First, do I need to compile MII support into my kernel, and will that MII
support play nicely with the QFE?  It's an older system, obviously, and I'm
not sure how well supported an sbus QFE card will be.  Second, how do I
identify the actual device to tell mii-tool to set to 100fdx, or autoneg, or
whatever I need to set it to?  /dev/eth0 (which is what the first port on
that qfe card comes up as) doesn't seem to exist.  I know how to do this
under Solaris, but never had reason to do it under Linux of any flavor.  Any
help would be appreciated.  Thanks.

Ben Pitzer


"Those that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary
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 --Ben Franklin--

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