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Re: Floppy on a Blade 100

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> > >  Everything is fine besides the floppy not being detected.
> >
> > Even if you got it detected, it wouldn't work well. Will likely cause
> > the machine to crash or lockup.
> >
> > Floppy has never been supported very well on ultrasparc-linux in general
> > It's not a Debian issue.
> Oh that's _very_ bad news! as I wanted to convert half a dozent Sun Blade
> 100 from Sun Solaris to Debian Linux.
> Wadding thru the debian-sparc archive I find lots of complains about the
> Blades not booting from floppy. Actually that is not my problem. It is
> already installed and up and running. It makes a nice desktop machine. Alas
> the floppy is not working... So even you said that ultralinux made a nice
> desktop for years for you. Didn't you miss a floppy too?
> Bottom line: no floppy on ultralinux, no conversion :(

I'm using a Sun Blade 100 as a desktop workstation and everything works fine 
except the floppy. Purchasing a usb pendrive was a great solution to this, 
floppy's are dying anyhow. 

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