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Re: Floppy on a Blade 100

On Wed, 2003-04-30 at 04:40, Ben Collins wrote:
> > Bottom line: no floppy on ultralinux, no conversion :(
> For god sakes, man. Force these people into the 21st century. We have
> LAN's and email for file swapping. I can't think of one good reason to
> have floppies. Use CDR's instead if you need storage.


CDRs would be especially nice if there were some kind of file at a 
time mode. (Isn't something like "packet writing" and UDF supposed
to handle that?)

Another option is using a USB dongle.  Much bigger than a floppy,
much faster than a floppy, and fits in your pocket. (Unfortunately,
only my work box has a USB connector in front.)

I personally use the net and/or a laptop.  Anything I'd hesitate
before pushing over the net wouldn't fit on a floppy.  I have used
floppies in the last few years, but only for one of two things:
debian boot floppies and grub - and that can easily be done
with CD.

Anyways, to answer Michael's other post:  The floppy drive is
hanging off the ISA bus, which I think makes it a little trickier
to talk to, and I don't think anyone cares enough to make it work.


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