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Re: Floppy on a Blade 100

On Wednesday 30 April 2003 12:31, inkubus@interalpha.co.uk wrote:
> > > >  Everything is fine besides the floppy not being detected.
> It vaugely works on UltraSPARC IIi - and no; not really I think I've used
> it twice in the past year and both of those times it would have been easier
> to transfer the data another way.

Same for me by the way.

> > Bottom line: no floppy on ultralinux, no conversion :(
> Seems a tad drastic

Yea, maybe. But it's what the users demand: carry arround their little files. 

What I realy want to know is whether it is:
        (a) a hardware problem,
	(b) a PROM issue,
	(c) a kernel issue,
	(d) an mtools issue,
        (e) a debian issue, (already answered on debian-sparc -> negative)
        (f) work in progress and it works partially,
	(g) work in progress but no success in sight,
        (h) a secret kept by sun, they must be beaten,
	(i) absolutely unfixable and everybody ignores the hassle,
	(j) nobody is realy interested in that but me.


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