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Re: error on boot up

On Tue, Apr 01, 2003 at 03:15:38PM +0800, lito lampitoc wrote:
> Hi All,
> Sorry if this is OT, but I seems to be the only one on debian-sparc
> list, that why I'm cross posting this.

Er, I never saw your post on debian-sparc ... taking it back there.
> I installed debian 3 on my Sun sparc netra i20 using only the first
> disk. But during boot up to complete my installation I received the
> following errors:
> SILO buggy old PROMs don't allow reading past 1GB from start of the
> disk..
> Read error on block 327684
> Cannot find /etc/silo.conf (Attempt to read block from filesystem
> resulted in short read)
> Could'nt load /etc/silo.conf
> prior to this, I created a /boot partition of 10MB and the rest was for
> the system, "So I guess that SILO buggy old PROM.." error shouldn't
> appear, but it did. 

Of course it did; even though you installed your kernel in /boot, SILO
still thinks it's installing from / (the large partition).  Thus, SILO
cannot read its own config file due to the buggy boot PROM problem.


First, edit /etc/silo.conf and make the following changes:

* the "partition" directive should specify the partition /boot is on.
Thus if /boot is /dev/sda1. silo.conf should have "partition=1".

* each "image" directive needs to be changed so that it lists the
kernels _as they appear in /boot_; the symlinks in / _are not visible
to silo_.  THIS IS IMPORTANT!  You'll end up with something lioke


* run the following commands
 # mkdir /boot/etc
 # cp /etc/silo.conf /boot/etc
 # ln -sf /boot/etc/silo.conf /etc/silo.conf
 # silo -r /boot

> Also, I'm confused about the start cylinder, in debian, it says that it
> should start at cylinder 0, but in Mandrake 7.1 for sparc, it says it
> should start at cylinder 1 because starting from 0 will damage the
> partition. What is the correct one?. Though I tried both it didn't make
> any difference.   

cylinder 0 works fine for ext2, ext3 partitions.  I had some trouble
when experimenting with other filesystems; for instance creating an
XFS filesystem on a partition starting on cylinder 0 overwrote the Sun

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