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Custom tftpboot images

As I finally decided to switch back one of my U1 from OpenBSD[1] to
Linux, I'm currently building my own tftpboot.img. I'm doing this
because I want to try XFS support with sun4u computers, yesterday I
managed to get a cross egcs64 running (linux/x86->linux/sparc) and my
first cross compiled kernel for this architecture booted early this
My question is: is there anybody interested in such a tftp boot file for
sparc with XFS support ? If I'm the only one I'll make a quick and dirty
hack to Ben Collin's tftpboot.img (add mkfs.xfs and piggyback a new
kernel), but if other people are interested I'll try to make something

[1] as I stated in one of my previous email, not only does the *BSD init
system sucks, but OpenBSD's ppp -kernel and user- support is the biggest
piece of crap I've seen for years. Sorry guys if this is a little bit
rude and looks like a troll, but I'm fed up with their user-ppp patch-42
aka i-know-ipv6cp-but-i-will-timeout-half-of-your-tcp-ip-connections.

Irvin Probst
There are 10 types of people in the world... those who understand binary
and those who don't.

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