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Debian on Sun Ultra Enterprise 450

Hi boys,
I'm a brand new admin of a Sun Ultra Enterprise 450.
I've installed, about 1 week ago, Debian Woody on that machine.
Now, when I try to start Gnome or KDE or other xserver, I see the login window, but, if I fail to enter login or password, the screen quake, and the the image result messed.
When I enter in the Window Manager, then, on starting big programs (ie. Mozilla) or acting on windows (move, resize, etc.), the screen results messd up again, and often the system crash, so I'm obligated to reboot the server by remote (SSH).
I'm quite shure that my server have a Mach64 GT Video Card. Here is part of XF86Config-4 file:

Section "Device"
     Identifier "Generic Video Card"
     Driver     "ati"
     BoardName  "Mach64 GT"

Searchin in the web, I fond that new XFree86 (4) have some problem with that video card, but I don't know how to download and install xserver-common-v3 and xserver-mach64 .
Anybody can help me?
Really thanx to everyone, sorry for my english (I'm Italian),
   Fabrizio Schirru

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