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Compiling Kernel 2.4.20

Hardware:  Sun e250, 2cpus
OS:  Debian 3.0r1
Current kernel: 2.1.19

I?m trying to compile the 2.4.20 kernel, and
have reached the end of my capabilities.  I
know of only two ways to do it and they
both ?fail?.  Thanks in advance to anyone who
can fix the flaw in my logic or show me how to
complete this:

1)	Debian kernel builder tool  (make-kpkg -
?revision=new2.4.20.1 kernel_image)
I de-select almost all of the modules, and only
keep a few but when the compile is going on, it
complains at the ?pcmcia ? undefined symbol?
section, (even though I have not asked for any
pcmcia support.  I noticed it including
joystick and other items that I said ?no? to
during the interactive session of the builder
2)  compile by hand.  (make config) (make dep)
(make modules) (make install_modules) (make
      It compiles fine, no errors, but the
image is larger, and SILO complains that the
image is too large (uncompressed image too
large for space).  I?ve seen hints from other
users on this list to use bzImage to compress
the file, but to me that looks like an x86 tool
only because it is not in the sparc64 directory

Hopefully someone out there can help me get
passed this kernel build problem? I would be
tickled to learn ?any- way to get past it.

Thanks, again, in advance for your patience
with me, and for your assistance.  Best of luck
to all!


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