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Re: Compiling Kernel 2.4.20

unixed unixed wrote:

2) compile by hand. (make config) (make dep) (make modules) (make install_modules) (make vmlinux) It compiles fine, no errors, but the image is larger, and SILO complains that the image is too large (uncompressed image too large for space). I’ve seen hints from other users on this list to use bzImage to compress the file, but to me that looks like an x86 tool only because it is not in the sparc64 directory space… Hopefully someone out there can help me get passed this kernel build problem… I would be tickled to learn –any- way to get past it.

As I understand it, compressing the image won't help at all since its the uncompressed image it needs to work with. You just need to include as little as possible in your kernel and as much as possible as modules to get it below the size limit. 2.4 kernels do tend to be a little bulky, you may well have to make do with a 2.2 kernel...


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