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Re: Sparc5 woody boot woes update

On Tue, Jan 28, 2003 at 06:00:17PM +0000, Taras Ciuriak wrote:
> An update for those interested in my progress with getting this working. 
>  :-)
> I set up my Linux laptop as a DHCP server.  I can confirm it's working 
> as, quite coincidentally, a colleague popped by my desk to ask what the 
> next free IP address was.  Sure enough, in my log he'd already been 
> picked up by the new DHCP server...so far so good.  Next, I fiddled with 
> xinetd to get tftpd set up.  It's the only service I configured to run 
> under xinetd and xinetd duly informs me now that it actually has one 
> service configured to run.
> Unfortunately, still, when I "boot net", I get the message "Timeout 
> waiting for ARP/RARP packet".


Install the RARP server (rarpd); create/edit /etc/ethers, and have

I assume you have RTFM on how to name your tftp files for booting.

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