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Re: Sparc5 woody boot woes update

An update for those interested in my progress with getting this working. :-)

I set up my Linux laptop as a DHCP server. I can confirm it's working as, quite coincidentally, a colleague popped by my desk to ask what the next free IP address was. Sure enough, in my log he'd already been picked up by the new DHCP server...so far so good. Next, I fiddled with xinetd to get tftpd set up. It's the only service I configured to run under xinetd and xinetd duly informs me now that it actually has one service configured to run.

Unfortunately, still, when I "boot net", I get the message "Timeout waiting for ARP/RARP packet".

I found this trolling the web for solutions (http://lists.debian.org/debian-boot/2002/debian-boot-200211/msg00280.html) so tried that (i.e. "boot net:dhcp") but it continues issuing the timeout message.

I've run watch-net and it only reports good packets, so clearly something is getting through. However my laptop's logs show me nothing by way of communication. I can set the arp entry on my laptop for the sparc5 ok fine (my kernel doesn't support rarp (yet)), but still the timeout messages flow. The above link doesn't seem to think that should matter though, so I'm kinda done for the day on this.

If any of this is ringing alarm bells for anyone, please let me know! Thanks../Taras

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