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Re: Sparc5 woody CDR boot woes

On Mon, Jan 27, 2003 at 09:48:11PM +0000, Taras Ciuriak wrote:
> William Law wrote:
> >Taras,
> >	I had similar troubles with my sparc5-110.  I found that the first
> >CD would not boot properly.  I ended up resorting to boot floppies, then
> >changing media to the CD for the rest of the installation.
> >
> >Just a thought :)
> Drat.
> Thanks William.  Unfortunately, my version of the machine is floppy-less.
> I don't suppose a bog-standard floppy would work?  Well, I suppose 
> not...I did see what looked like a floppy power connector when I had it 
> open, but no data cable to connect it to.../Taras

Seeing as how you're a wiz with PC's ~:^) you might find the most
traction with the netbooting/installing method.  Old Sun CDROM drives
were notoriously bad/finicky about handling CDRs.  Mine would only read
CDRs that I didn't it to read.  I replaced it with a modern SCSI cdrom
drive and have been happy ever since.  See the archives for
netbooting/installing.  The basic premise is setup one of your PCs as a
rarp/tftp server ....


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