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Re: How to enable X11?

Rick Roland wrote:
I am a Debian newbie, but it's a realy interessting Linux distribution to
me, because it's running also on SPARC.
And not only SPARC....it's the only universal OS.

The installation in general was without any problems, I also added X and the
GUIs but now I have a real problem to start the X server (startx).
doesn't it show up? wrong colors?

My hardware is an Ultra 5, with the motherboard's default framebuffer (no
Raptor card built in, so no idea what this for a product is).
http://docs.sun.com/ will tell you which framebuffer it is. or use lspci (does that work on a Ultra5?) and cat /proc/fb could also work.

I tried everything what's for a Debian on SPARC newbie possible, but now I
have no idea left, how I can enable X.
dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xfree86

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