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Re: How to enable X11?

>(II) SUNFFB: driver for Creator, Creator 3D and Elite 3D
>(EE) No devices detected.

Your are using the wrong driver. The driver that is loaded when X starts corresponds to Creator which most probably is not your case. I am not experienced with ultra5 machines so i am not sure which is the right one for your, but i am sure that someone else on the list can help more. :-)


Rick Roland wrote:

Hi all

I am a Debian newbie, but it's a realy interessting Linux distribution to
me, because it's running also on SPARC.

The installation in general was without any problems, I also added X and the
GUIs but now I have a real problem to start the X server (startx).

My hardware is an Ultra 5, with the motherboard's default framebuffer (no
Raptor card built in, so no idea what this for a product is).

I tried everything what's for a Debian on SPARC newbie possible, but now I
have no idea left, how I can enable X.

Please find enclosed log and config file.

I really would appreciate any help!


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