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Does anyone have an install image?


I have a machine of the following spec, onto which i would like to install
Debian for SPARC:

 - Ultra 1 Creator
 - 1x 167MHz CPU
 - 192M RAM
 - 2GB HDD

Is 2GB enough for SPARC debian? i assume it is, if i'm careful. I have
searched around trying to find install files, or disk images, or
something, but i cannot find anything. How can i install it?

If someone has a CD image, from which i can boot my Ultra 1 into the
debian installation, that would be *incredibly* useful. i have broadband
internet, so a basic boot image, from which i can download the rest would
be fine.

Also, is there a port of apt onto SPARC also? this would be very useful.


Richard Hobbs
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