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Re: ext3 root partitions bad?

On Thu, 2003-01-09 at 09:52, Nathan E Norman wrote:
> Hello,
> It's my understanding that SILO cannot handle a dirty ext3 root
> partition as it really only understands ext2.  Is this correct?  If
> so, I think the sparc install docs should mention that at least your
> root should be ext2; ext3 (or some other fs) is ok for the rest of
> your partitions.

Attached is a patch to allow SILO to handle a dirty ext3 root partition.

I'm pretty sure Ben C. has seen this already.

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--- second/fs/ext2.c.old	Mon Jan 28 03:43:50 2002
+++ second/fs/ext2.c	Mon Jan 28 03:45:01 2002
@@ -42,14 +42,14 @@
-    printf ("Unknown ext2 error");
+    printf ("Unknown ext2 error: %d", errcode);
 static int open_ext2 (char *device)
     int retval;
-    retval = ext2fs_open (device, EXT2_FLAG_RW, 0, 0, silo_io_manager, &fs);
+    retval = ext2fs_open (device, EXT2_FLAG_DIRTY, 0, 0, silo_io_manager, &fs);
     if (retval == EXT2_ET_BAD_MAGIC)
         return 0;
     if (retval) {

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