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Re: Killed my SPARC5?

Matthew Twomey wrote:

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I think that it's more likely a hardware problem. You should be getting at
least some PROM messages through the console no matter what. I would
re-check/seat everything internal.

- -Matt

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From: Kristofer Bergstrom [mailto:kristofer.bergstrom@stanfordalumni.org] Sent: Monday, November 18, 2002 7:37 AM
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Subject: Killed my SPARC5?

 Hello all.  I was given two SPARCstation 5's last year that I'm trying to
install Linux on.  Thanks to everyone's help, I was able to set up the
first one with relatively few problems.  Attempting to apply what I had
learned, I dove into the second box on my own and may have managed to kill
it. Ug. Here's the situation:
 When I flip the switch of my SPARC 5, it beeps, the fan spins, I think
there's even a little hard-disk activity, but no front LED and no display
output.  The power's on but nothing happens... basically a black box.
 This happened at the very end of the install process.  I had Debian
(stable) installed and almost ready to go.  I was attempting to make the
machine boot from hard-disk, a problem I had faced with the Debian install
on the other machine.  I changed my silo.conf and then used the function to
update the ROM (Ug, I can't remember the name of it.  It lets you set the
SPARC setenv variables from within Linux.)  I set the following things from
the Linux command line:
  setenv boot-device disk
  setenv auto-boot? true
  setenv diag-switch? false
 When I attempted a re-boot, I got the current black box problem.  (In
case it's of worth, the boot floppy is still in the drive.)  So it seems
I've killed my boot ROM?  Can this be fixed?  Any advice would be greatly
appreciated.  Thank you in advance.


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this may or may not be related..........but ever since i installed a new boot prom on my ss20, if i manually turn the power off to the box then re-apply power it sits there for about five minutes with just the power supply fan and the hard drive fan running, the power LED is on..........then the monitor, (GDM17E10) will switch on and the OPB screen will come up, another weird thing about this prom is setenv seems to not work, it will not remember my settings, if i change boot-device to disk it still comes up trying net as default....is this a bad prom or is the nvram going? what is the program kris speaks of that lets you change prom settings from linux?


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