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I'm having problems using Quotas on a Sparc Ultra Server 1 
(Debian Woody with Kernel 2.4.19 [VFS: Diskquotas version 
dquot_6.4.0 initialized])

I've got the Quota package installed:
ii  quota          3.07-1         An implementation of the 
disk quota system.

And the quota.user file exists in the root path of the 
mount I wish to enable quotas (/home -> /dev/sdb1).

No matter how I create the quota.user (quotacheck -a, 
quotacheck -aF vfsold, quotacheck -aFvfsv0), whenever 
quotaon is run, I get the following message:

quotaon: using /home/quota.user on /dev/sdb1 [/home]: 
Invalid argument
quotaon: Maybe create new quota files with quotacheck(8)?

Has anyone else had issues with Quotas on a SPARC ?

I've just tried setting up quotas on an i386 install and it 
all works perfectly...

Any info/help appreciated



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