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Re: DHCP with happy meal and/or lance

> The (strange) problem is:
> 1?) when i don't put the 2nd card in my sparc, all works fine, i can
> dhcp on eth0
> 2?) when i put the second one, dhcp doesn't work ( eth0 doesn't work:
> linux says "cable problem" ie twisted pairs RJ45 cable). But when i go
> into openprom i can self-test the both ethernet (connected one after one
> to the cable modem), and that's seem good ( i see good ethernet pacquet
> (a dot) and none bad eth pacquet (a X)).

Are you sure that eth0 really is the card you think it is? Linux does
not order the same as the OBP does.

If you want to force one card to be eth0, then compile the driver for
that card into the kernel, and compile the other ethernet driver as a
module and load it at boot.

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