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SMP kernel won't boot on Sparc 1000E, get watchdog (Debian 3)

I've just installed Debian 3 on a Sparc 1000E server I've managed to get.
(really good at keeping the basement warm :)
It's got 3 mainboard slots with a total of 6 processors. (85 Mhz each)
When I compile a kernel fresh out of the tar file, it works fine,
identifies all 6 processors and uses just the one.
If I recompile the kernel, just changing the SMP option, then
make clean;make dep;make

I don't get a boot.  SILO starts fine, I select the kernel and it just 
pauses, gives a watchdog alert and back to the Ok prompt.
(And yes, I've made sure the kernel's in the right place on the HD)

I've tried both 2.2 and 2.4, get the exact same results.

I tried changing the software watchdog option, but I'm certain this is the
 1000E  doing this.

I really don't want to use Solaris, please help!  :)


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