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RE: Hardware question

> The last question is there someone who has already use an adapter
> to make a PC monitor working on the this SPARC station, if it's
> possible can you give me the reference of this kind of adapter
> because i found some on the Internet but i want to be sure to
> not make a mistake before buying it.

I found an Sun to VGA adapter for about $5 on ebay.  So far, it seems to be
working fine, I just plugged it in, and it worked.  I saved the packaging,
but all it says is "High Quality Cable" and "Made in China."

I know that's not much help to you but if you just search for Sun to VGA
adapter on Ebay, you should be able to find something pretty cheap.  Also,
you may want to try searching for Sun 13w3, and make sure that the male to
female of the pins matches your setup.


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