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RE: DEBIAN 3.0 on a SPARC Classic X

OK, Now I get it.

But I hadn't established that the CDROM was the problem. The CDROM (seems
to) have no trouble by itself. Its when the boot sequence looks at the SCSI
bus that the whole thing falls down. I can't imagine that anything different
would happen if I removed the CDROM (and left the HDD in place), so I
wouldn't be able to save the system on the HDD in any case.

Also this would be pushing the limit of my experience. (but hey I've
obviously got some spare time, right)

Jonathan Pratt

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On Sat, 31 Aug 2002 19:19:34 +0930, "woodsend" writes:
>This isn't a bad idea (ie it would work), but I really wanted these
>to be stand-alone.

you'd boot from tftp *once*, install stuff on disk and boot from
there later on...duh.


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