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DEBIAN 3.0 on a SPARC Classic X


I got hold of a couple of Sparc Classic X's which I've converted to
"Classic"s by modifying the contents of the NVRAM. Now I can boot from a

I'm trying to install Debian 3.0 onto a SCSI HDD I've procured. I have the
following setup:

One machine has 24Mb RAM, the other 48Mb RAM

The CDROM is external (an old Appple 1x - set to ID 6)

The HDD is an internal Seagate 1Gb set to ID3 (I've tried others) - what's
on this already is anyone's guess.

Here's the problem -
when I try:

> boot cdrom

I get the CDROM booting which comes up with boot screen and I type in
<ENTER> to install the OS (load & uncompress RAM DISK). The ramdisk is
loaded and the machine is identified. It finds the SCSI port and identifies
the CDROM  then the HDD, but immmediately after that point in the boot
sequence I get:

ESP0: Disconnect, resetting bus
ESP0: Resetting SCSI bus
ESP0: SCSI bus reset interrupt
ESP0: SCSI bus reset interrupt

<this repeats ad nauseum>

For all intents and purposes the boot sequence has hung.

This also happens without the HDD on the SCSI bus, and I don't have another
CDROM to try out. It doesn't seem to matter whether I use a terminator, and
where I put it (before or after the CDROM)

any ideas on how to overcome this problem?

Jonathan Pratt

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