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audio issue


I am running an Ultra10 debian/unstable with custom 2.4.19 kernel.
Now I am trying to record some audio on my box, playing audio is no
problem. Since I have no handbook of my Ultra10 I do not know exactly
which socket is for what.

I guess the sockets are: (view from the back)

[]  []   for recording?

[]  []   for playback, which works..

I installed some audio programs, when I try to record sound from line in
some programs are crashing, some hanging and other do not record
Does anybody knows which socket is for what? Is it possible to record
audio with Ultra10?

PS: Does anybody run mplayer on an Ultra10 (I have a big problem with
sound on mplayer, too..)

Hakan Kuecuekyilmaz, University of Applied Sciences Esslingen, Germany
<hakan@php.net>  |  <hakan@lisas.de>  |

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