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Re: audio issue

According to the service manual, the U10 has 2 EIA standard 3.5mm output
jacks and 2 input jacks, with the cable tips assigned to left channel and
the ring assigned to right channel.  The manual labels them 'headphone,
line-out, line-in, and microphone,' but on my U10, they are not marked,
and I've never tried them.

The electrical specifications are shown on pages C-24 -- C-26 of the
"Ultra10 Service Manual" (Part # 805-7764-12); this manual is available in
pdf format for free download on Sun's web site.  Unfortunately, I do not
remember where on the site it is, but it is there (and, if you have an
Ultra10, it is well worth having).  With a little work it can be found.

No, I don't know why Sun's web site is so hard to find anything in.

That's not much help, I'm afraid, but maybe it is of some use.

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On 20 Aug 2002, Hakan Kuecuekyilmaz wrote:

> Hello,
> I am running an Ultra10 debian/unstable with custom 2.4.19 kernel.
> Now I am trying to record some audio on my box, playing audio is no
> problem. Since I have no handbook of my Ultra10 I do not know exactly
> which socket is for what.
> I guess the sockets are: (view from the back)
> []  []   for recording?
> []  []   for playback, which works..
> I installed some audio programs, when I try to record sound from line in
> some programs are crashing, some hanging and other do not record
> anything.
> Does anybody knows which socket is for what? Is it possible to record
> audio with Ultra10?
> PS: Does anybody run mplayer on an Ultra10 (I have a big problem with
> sound on mplayer, too..)
> regards
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> Hakan Kuecuekyilmaz, University of Applied Sciences Esslingen, Germany
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