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Re: Which mouse for gpm on Sunblade 100?

Erik Rossen wrote:

> On Thu, Aug 15, 2002 at 03:01:53PM -0500, Kent West wrote:
> > My question: where (/dev/input/mice?) and what type (sun, autops2) is my
> > mouse for gpm purposes? (none of the parenthetical attempts worked)
> On my Sunblade 100 running woody:
> $ ps aux | grep gpm
> root       330  0.0  0.1  1856  752 ?        S    Aug10   0:58 /usr/sbin/gpm -m /dev/input/mice -t imps2 -Rraw

I appreciate the response, but that doesn't work here (I am running Woody btw).

UPDATE: Just did a "modprobe usbmouse" and that solved the problem (I did change my type to "ps2"). I thought
modules were automagically added to the running kernel when they were needed? Reckon I've got some more learning
to do . . .   :-)

Thanks for the help!


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