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Re: ipv6 on sparc / 6in4

On Fri, Aug 02, 2002 at 03:31:48PM -0400, Tom 'spot' Callaway wrote:
> None of the tunneling works on sparc/sparc64. The ioctls are not
> implemented at all. I looked into fixing this a while back and decided
> it was low priority.

Its even worse - The problem with the tunneling ioctls is that 
gre, ipip and sit are all using the private ioctls which can not
be emulated due to there non uniqueness. To split this up one
and SIOCSITGET which naturally will break all userspace apps.
I just produced a patch which exactly does this BUT provides
backward compatibility for the private ioctls. Problem now is
that all tunneling ioctls are nearly the same and not that small.
One would have to duplicate the already duplicate code into the
sysctl32.c which would result in big bloat and bad maintainability.

A definitly better solution would be to follow the advise in the 
ip_gre.c which says to unify the tunnel ioctls in some way into
some ip_tunnel.c. By unifying a good point would be to seperate 
the pure "get_user/put_user" stuff from the "do really something"
parts so that the emulation in sysctl32.c could use the parts
that really do something without duplication.

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